Open Sidescan

Open source sidescan sonar data processing software for underwater surveying, imaging and scientific applications.


What is Open Sidescan

Open Sidescan is a powerful data processing software suite to easily view and manipulate sidescan sonar imagery files, investigate seabed features or underwater infrastructures, create underwater inventories, and much more.

Free Software

Accessible sidescan sonar data processing tools to bring down barriers to marine knowledge.

Community Driven

Built with input from the entire community in the spirit of improving the state of the Art.

Collaborative By Design

Designed with partnerships as a core principle and hosted on collaborative platforms.


Key Features

Quickly View Sidescan Sonar Waterfall Images

Rapidly inspect seabed features using industry standard tools.

Industry standard file format

Directly import your XTF files into a workspace and start working immediately.

Easy image export

Take your images on the road by simply exporting them to JPG or PNG.

Easy Underwater Inventories

Effortlessly identify and catalog submerged objects and regions of interest.

Automatic measurements

Drag around your object and we'll compute the bounding box' real dimensions in the field.

Map export

Export to a KML map in a few clicks.

Automatic Target Detection

Next-generation detection algorithms at your fingertips.

Unsupervised extraction of regions of interest

Automatically enumerate regions of interest instead of repetitively sifting through endless waterfall displays to find interesting regions.

Deep-learning ready

Support for Tensorflow and Caffee models (coming soon).


In-Application Screenshots

Shipwreck of the Scotsman

Abandoned aquaculture gear

KML map of abandoned gear

Boilers from the SS Germanicus

Bridge footing

Sunken rowboat


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Entreprise Edition

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Customized software, custom ATR, commercial support, etc.

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